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Sweet Potato Fries image
Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet potato fries
Regular Fries image
Regular Fries
French fries
Large Fries image
Large Fries
French fries, Go large!
Curry Fries image
Curry Fries
Fries and curry sauce
Curry Cheese Fries image
Curry Cheese Fries
Fries, curry sauce and grated cheddar
Cheese & Bacon Fries image
Cheese & Bacon Fries
Fries, grated cheddar, and bacon bits
Cheese & Garlic Fries image
Cheese & Garlic Fries
Fries, grated cheddar, and garlic mayo sauce
Taco Fries image
Taco Fries
Fries, chilli con carne mince, grated cheddar, taco sauce
Onion Rings image
Onion Rings
Battered onion rings
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